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a shiny sachertorte cake on a white cake stand in front of plants


One of Vienna's most famous culinary inventions, the Sachertorte is a rich chocolate cake consisting of two chocolate sponges separated by a layer of luscious apricot jam and covered in a silky dark chocolate ganache. If you're a chocoholic, you'll love this cake! Best served with unsweetened whipped cream and a coffee, just like they do in its birthplace, Vienna's Hotel Sacher.


Our Sachertorte is available in two formats: a whole cake and in petit gâteau form.

  • 20cm whole cake (serves 16): $80.00
  • 8cm petit gâteau:
    • Set of two (serves 4): $30.00
    • Set of four (serves 8): $60.00

Looking to pair a whole Sachertorte with something a little more relaxed than a Sachertorte petit gâteau? Considering adding a box of our Sachertorte Cupcakes to your order.

Dietary Information

The standard Sachertorte contains:

  • gluten (flour)
  • eggs
  • tree nuts (almonds)
  • milk (butter & cream)
  • gelatine

Low gluten, nut substitution and gelatine substitution versions are available. Please note that traces of these products may still be found in the cake as other cakes containing these ingredients are made in the same kitchen.


  • Image
    A glossy sachertorte on a white cake stand in front of pot plants, seen from the front.
  • Image
    A glossy sachertorte on a white cake stand, seen from above.
  • Image
    a glossy sachertorte petit gateau with chocolate Zuckerhaus button and gold leaf on top sitting on a white plate
  • Image
    a top down view of four sachertorte petits gateaux on gold cake tabs sitting on a white plate